Who we are

The Guardians of Blockchain(GOB) has been researching actual use cases of blockchain and potential enterprise uses cases in a business setting. 

GOB has been working as a guardian and validator of ORBS project since the launch of ORBS mainnet in 2019.
We have been evaluating, analyzing ORBS project, and contributing to the development of ORBS ecosystem through educating ecosystem participants. (produced three other gaurdians)


To know more about GOB...

Guardians of Blockchain (GOB), one of the top Guardians in the Orbs PoS Universe, took the initiative and presented Tal with a series of challenging questions that they felt needed addressing regarding the Orbs Network current state.

July 14, 2020.

Professional participants within the Orbs Universe

  • Enforcing the security of the network 

  • Aligned with the long term vision of Orbs Project and promoting ecosystem growth

  • Certified Committee


  • Blockchain use case consultation

  • nodes set up & operation


​William Noh - technical

HB Kim - business